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Practical shooting events are dynamic courses of fire that challenge a persons ability to shoot rapidly and accurately while moving through different stages. An atmosphere of friendly competition and fun is the typical order of the day.

Shooters of all skill levels are always welcome.

Each shoot begins with a safety brief so please arrive by the designated start time.

Donations are encouraged to cover the cost of supplies.

These events are not open to the public, but guests accompanying members are welcome. Event dates are posted on the club calendar.

Practical Pistol

Practical Pistol Shooting is a time where those of us that own a handgun for protection and self-defense get together for practice. Skill building drills and scenario based courses of fire are the typical format when we meet.

Please bring a handgun, ammunition, eye and hearing protection. Extra magazines or speedloaders with pouches and a hip holster will also be helpful.

Practical Pistol is held every other Friday evening at 6:00 pm. Check the club web site calendar for dates.

Practical Rifle

Practical Rifle consists of various courses of fire shot from distances ranging from 10-125 yards. Shooting is done from the prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions with challenging physical demands added just for fun.

You will need a semi-automatic rifle, about 100 rounds of ammunition, eye and hearing protection.