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We have many facilities to cater to a variety of sporting needs. We are a community minded organization and all of our members belong to the NRA. We participate in several local leagues including the Ulster County Trap Circuit and the Ulster County Pistol League. We also host ATA trap shoots and field a team in the NYS SporteRifle league.

We are actively seeking new members, so come and join us!

How to join us:

We are actively seeking new members. If you want to join, just contact us. We’ll arrange for you to come to a meeting and help you complete the application process. We just have a few requirements:

  • You must be an NRA member. You can join at the club when you apply.
  • You must work 20 hours per year. The work hours are pro-rated if you join mid year. There are lots of chances to do work including work parties and meeting attendance counts towards the requirement. There are plenty of opportunities to contribute to the club in many ways, so if you have any special skills that may be of use, please let us know.
  • You must attend the monthly club meeting on the second Wednesday of each month.
  • You must pay annual dues of $100 and a one time application fee of $100. The dues are pro-rated if you join mid-year.
  • If you live outside Ulster County, you may still join, but must have an existing member act as a sponsor.

Once you complete the application, pay all fees, and the club members vote you in, you will become a probationary member. As a probationary member, you can use all the club facilities and attend club functions. You cannot vote or hold club office. New members must complete a club orientation before receiving full access to the facilities.

After your probationary membership, you will be voted as a full club member at a monthly meeting. At that point, you will be able to hold office, vote in elections, and your membership will be automatically renewed as long as dues are paid.